Vacancy Announcement


  • Decentralisation promotes sharing of power and therefore sharing of rights. We help in strengthening local health governance, developing guidelines for effective health system functioning.
  • Effective monitoring strengthens service delivery mechanism. We conduct national surveys to monitor the service delivery mechanism of health facilities.
  • Improving health conditions of women and children indicate nation’s progress in the health sector. We design, test and implement programmes supporting the national reproductive health programmes and policies.
  • Our status of health is determined by our lifestyle and living conditions. We evaluate the improvement in health status brought about by better nutrition, hygiene and sanitation conditions.
  • Nation’s health status improves with improvement at the personal level. We conduct operational research bringing behavioural change among individuals.
  • Social determinants of health affect the accessibility and utilisation of health services. We inculcate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) approaches in policy and practice.
  • We are a herd of young and dynamic professionals. We initiate and support capacity building initiatives targeted especially for young professionals.