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Started Date:January 01 2017 Estimated Complete Date:November 30 -0001

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Decrease the incidence of TB by 10 % by 2020 based on  re-assessment of TB burden figures to be conducted  in 2015


  • To increase case detection by 14000 cases from 3800 TB cases reported in 2013/14 (all forms of TB) by 2020
  • To maintain the treatment success rate at 90% patients (all forms of TB) by 2020
  • To provide MDR diagnostic services for 55% of persons with suspected MDR TB by 2017 and 100% by 2020; successfully treat at least 75 % of the diagnosed MDR patients
  • To engage 60% of all private health care providers (hospitals and  practitioners) in TB control by 2017, and 80% by 2020
  • To strengthen community systems for management, advocacy, support and rights for TB patients in order to create an enabling environment to detect & manage TB cases in 60% of all districts by 2017 and 100% by 2020
  • To ensure availability of quality TB services, in  line with  current international standards  and provided by qualified personnel, at 70% of all facilities by 2017 and 90% of the facilities  by 2020

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