Hygiene Promotion through Routine Immunisation

Project Progress :

100 % progress so far

Started Date:December 01 2014 Completed Date:June 30 2016

Hygiene Promotion through Routine Immunisation

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Programme focused in expansion and scale-up, the promotion of safe hygiene practices in Nepal


The program aims to scale-up the hygiene promotion activities and assess the hygiene and immunization status of the pilot districts.

Project Objectives

• To assess the prevalent level of knowledge about key behaviors, diarrheal diseases and routine immunization among mothers/guardians of children aged 0-12 months in the four districts of Nepal

• To assess the prevalent practices and social norms on key hygiene behaviors of targeted mothers/guardians

• To document the current status of routine immunization coverage in all four districts

• To assess the prevalence of enteric diseases among children aged 0-12 months in all pilot districts

• To document the current level of skills and capacity of FCHVs and community level health workers to promote key prioritized hygiene behaviors