Mid-Term Evaluation of National ASRH Programme

Project Progress :

100 % progress so far

Started Date:February 01 2013 Completed Date:August 30 2013

Mid-Term Evaluation of National ASRH Programme

Categories :

Policy Development

Monitoring and Evaluation


A mid-term evaluation to understand effectiveness of National ASRH programme using qualitative methods


This evaluation was part of an operational research to determine the effectiveness of the programme and explore the understanding, perceptions and experiences of service providers and adolescents related to the implementation of the programme. The evaluation looked at the understanding of health workers about the National ASRH Programme and the extent of conforming with the programme guidelines.

Project Objective

• To understand the implementation processes and the wider context as it affects the National ASRH Programme in order to provide detailed explanations for the results of the final evaluation

• To identify improvements that can be made to the intervention to increase access by adolescents to SRH services in the remaining period of the programme and ways of improving the likelihood of scaling up the intervention across Nepal