Baseline Perception Household Survey

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100 % progress so far

Started Date:August 01 2012 Completed Date:March 30 2013

Baseline Perception Household Survey

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This survey was part of a research project titled 'Baseline Perception Survey- 2012'. The main aim of the research project was to undertake a household survey to establish baseline values for four perception indicators in the UNFPA Country Programme Document (CPD) and Result and Resource Framework (RRF) Matrix.

Project Objectives

• To identify the perceptions of the target populations within UNFPA and UNDAF development regions in order to set a baseline to measure the effectiveness of UNFPA's CPD interventions

• To explore perceptions of gender based violence, sexual violence, child marriage, health seeking behavior and safe motherhood among the UNFPA target populations of men aged 15-59 years, women aged 15-49 years including those who are pregnant and parents with children under 18 years of age