Support to Develop National TB Strategic Plan

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Started Date:October 01 2015 Completed Date:August 30 2016

Support to Develop National TB Strategic Plan

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Policy Development



The National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) is one of the “Priority One” programmes of the Ministry of Health (MoH), Government of Nepal (GoN). It is a comprehensive national programme for TB care and control supported by many national and international stakeholders, including community groups.

The National Strategic Plan (NSP) is the key instrument to manage and implement the NTP.  It presents the overall aim for the control of TB in Nepal and defines the goal to be reached, as well as the objectives that should be achieved in the next five years, through strengthening TB control efforts.  NSP for the year 2016-2021 was developed by the National Tuberculosis Centre (NTC) with support from various partners and stakeholders. In this process, HERD being one of the main partners of NTP, provided technical inputs for the development of strategy and facilitated the discussions and assisted in the writing process. HERD also as a Sub recipient of the Global fund will be working with NTP to implement the activities as per the NSP (2016-20121)